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About Processing Freakday

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Welcome @ the one and only site for true sound and soundprocessing freaks!

Let us introduce ourselves:

We are a small, but very dedicated, group with a common passion for “sound” especially on-air sound!

It all started many years ago when each of us started their own, illegal, pirate FM radio station.

As you might know, In the Netherlands there are hundreds of these illegal radio stations!

Because we didn’t have to take account of any rules or ratings, we were free to experiment with things like antennas, transmitters, and, of course, our own station’s signature sound!

As the years passed by, The Dutch government began taking heavier measures against the illegal pirate stations, so many pirates joined each other into bigger and more professional pirate radio stations! A very underestimated issue was the soundprocessing and overall sound quality of these big (120+ kW ERP!) illegal radio stations!

Until the day that a small group of very dedicated sound freaks / friends image001.png joined hands and started testing several soundprocessors… The main goal was to test the equipment on practical applicability so everyone could see, hear and experience which device suits them best on the level the engineer and the station manager would use it and the people out there would hear it on their radios.

It was nothing like all the other big and expensive broadcast events were you could only see / hear the surface of the soundprocessor… Our way of approaching was a lot more personal and a lot “cozier” …

Germans would call it “gemütlichheit” , as we talk to each other face to face and discuss sound processing with a nice cold drink, trying to benefit from each other’s opinions by using the device and trying several setups to make a soundprocessor, and its characteristic sound, work in both ways .

On the other hand, with this approach “we” can advantage on a very high grade of technical knowledge that the freaks gained for many years…

From that day, the many hundreds pirate stations started to appreciate the need of proper FM soundprocessing! More and more radio stations started to invest in soundprocessing and all the other devices needed to get a great sounding FM station! Not only the pirates started to get enthusiastic , also the big local and even the commercial and public radio stations with a nationwide reach started to sound better and better! There was a remarkable tendency noticeable towards implementing proper “on – air” soundprocessing!

This was the day that the Dutch Processing Freak day (DPF) was born!

The main difference with the big events like IBC is our personal approach; we DO go into the processor on the deepest level of parameters! And we DO tweak the processors at the commercial level it was intended for, and on which level you are going to use it!

After leaving the Dutch Processing Freak day, you will know everything about a processor, how it can sound on a commercial market worthy level, how its parameters interact, how it handles critical formats or difficult to process songs and how the topology of the processor is thought, and next to that, you can meet the people behind the processor and drink a beer with them!

We can’t imagine any place or event in the world were this is possible!

Our motto is: Make Audio Great Again!

We’d be happy to welcome you!

The Dutch Processing Freak Day organization

Processing Freakday 2018

2018 staat weer in het teken van een nieuwe editie van De Processing Freakday. Dit evenement zal nog beter, nog waarvoller en nog spectaculairder worden dan de voorgaande edities. We houden je via deze website op de hoogte maar kunnen jullie alvast een kleine tip van de sluier geven...

Beer & Meatballs are inclusive!

Save the Date!