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Planning/ Schedule PFD 2018

09.00u | Doors open

10.00u – 10.25u | Introduction PFD 2018 by Eric Holzhauer

10.10u – 10.35u | Demo Monitoring by PMC Limited (Joystick Audio)

a. Setup monitoring, the do’s and don’ts.

b. Lineair sound within studio monitoring.

c. How to get a good monitoring reference in your room.

10.40u – 11.05u | Demo by Jay Taylor, Product expert of Wheatstone

a. AES 67 digital standard

b. VOX Pro 7

11.10u – 11.35u | Demo by Cornelius Gould, Product expert of Telos

a. Omnia 11 latest upgrade;

b. How to get a decent coded signal from your studio to the transmitter (Livewire)

c. A live demonstation about the differences in (audio) quality.

11.40u – 12.05u | Demo by Hans van Zutphen, Owner of Stereotool

a. A demonstration of stereotool: Delossifier, Declipper, Lyquid Dynamics

b. Bass Clipper / Clipper SSB/DSB Switching

c. Omnia SST

12.10u – 12.35u | Demo by Leif Claesson, Owner of Breakaway One and Mpxtool

a. Introduction new MPXTOOL

b. Latest updates about Omnia 9 and Omnia 9SG

c. Breakaway One Update

12.40u – 13.05u | Voiceprocessing (live tweak) by Triple Audio (different microphone setups)

a. How to adjust your voiceprocessor on your mics, voice and other studio equipment

b. How to adjust your voiceprocessing on your main (broadcast) processing.

13.10u – 13.30u | Demo by Christian Pladdet, Sales Manager of Broadcast Partners

a. All you need to know about DAB+.

13.35u – 14.00u | Demo by Gerard Niehoff, Distributor of D&R

a. World premiere of new digital broadcast mixer.

b. Airlite / Airmate / Airlab / Airmax / Airence / Airmeter

14.10– 14.35u | Demo by Wheatstone

a. AirAura X4 demo by Mike Erickson

b. New X4 algorithm by Steve Dove

14.40u – 15.10u | Demo by Peter Van Beusekom, Product expert of Orban

a. 8700i, Xponential Loudness, Sub Harmonic Generator,and much more;

b. DAB+ Audio Processing.

15.15u – 15.35u | Demo by Hans van Zupthen, Product expert of μMPX

a. Demo about μMPX

15.35u | Conclusion of the day by Eric Holzhauer

Comparisons (with the best possible, High Quality, comparable presets).

16.00u – 17.30u A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J “Grand Finale” Comparison |

Vorsis FM55 / Omnia Volt / Stereotool / Breakaway One / Vorsis X4 / Omnia 9 / Omnia 11

17:30u – End & after party.

Download Planning/ Schedule (pdf)